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Why choose us

Production Capacity:

Capillary tubing:  O.D: 0.2mm to 8 mm   W.T: 0.05mm to 1mm

Thin wall seamless tubing:  O.D: 8mm to 80mm   W.T:0.08mm to 0.3mm

B.A tube: Roughness Ra≤0.4μm

E.P tube: Roughness Ra≤0.25μm

High precision size control: Tolerance: +/-0.03mm  

Customized Tubing and finished tubing parts: according to customer’s specific drawings and quality requirements



Global Standard Quality:

Dextube tubes have been supplied many countries such as Europe, North & South American, Japan and South Korea. Dextube had researched into plenty of standard from different countries, fully understand the requirement for tubes used in various industries and got together abundant experience during long term cooperation with well know enterprises from all over the world.

Strengths of our Special technology:

We can produce the various high performance & precision seamless tubes, ready to use in various high technical industries such as Semi-conductor, Gas/Bio/Medical Equip, Automotive industry, through our special cold working and raw material quality control.

Perfect inspection system

Our multiple inspections can detect all kinds of defect on tube. In mother tube stage, all tubes should be in 100% inspected and after finish cold working, we conduct full body test one more time.

Selected Raw Materials

Stable and High Quality

Precision size control, easy for further processing.

Wide size range and Stainless material

Customized Tubing and finished tubing parts



Being a global leading company as an attractive supplier of stainless steel precision tube.